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Speaker for March 2014 Lunch

Michael Berger

Michael BergerMichael Berger is the Commercial Consul at the Austrian Consulate General in Milan in charge of trade relations with Italy, Malta and the Vatican. In this position, Mr. Berger is also Head of the Milan office of Advantage Austria, the internationalization agency of the Austrian Federal Chamber of Commerce. The Austrian Federal Chamber of Commerce (Wirtschaftskammer Österreich - WKÖ) has more than 450,000 member companies. Advantage Austria has an annual budget of 70 Mio Euros and operates at present 115 trade service centers in more than 70 countries worldwide; Michael oversees and coordinates the activities of trade service centers in Milan, Padova, Rome and Bolzano.

Prior to his appointment in Milan in May 2008 Mr Berger held the following assignments: Regional Manager for Relations with the Far East at the Federal Economic Chamber in Vienna, Seconded National Expert with the European Commission in Brussels, DG TRADE, Policy Section of the Antidumping Directorate, Austrian Commercial Consul in Strasbourg, Austrian Commercial Vice Consul in Zürich, Austrian Commercial Attaché in Beijing and Austrian Commercial Vice Consul in Sydney.

Mr Berger holds a Dr in law degree from Vienna University and followed postgraduate studies in economics and international relations at the Johns Hopkins University Bologna Center. He is married to Sylvie Varlet from Strasbourg and has 3 sons and one daughter.

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