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Speaker for July 2018

Philippe Tabet

Philippe TabetPhilippe Tabet is an industrial designer based in Milan.

Originally from Versailles, France, Philippe graduated from the ècole de Condé Lyon in 2009, specializing in Industrial Design. He draws his passion for drawing from his French origins while his adoptive country, Italy, drives his passion for the history and tradition of industrial design.

In 2013 he opened his own studio in Milan, a multidisciplinary practice offering a wide range of services from the design of furniture to electronic devices.

An openness to try new formal and technical solutions, including a particular focus on the selection of materials, has lead the Studio to create different types of products.

In Philippe Tabet's work a meeting of two cultures shows up in the use of specific components and materials which blend and harmonize, as in the Ruelle chair project, winner of the 2014 Infiniti Design Contest, in which wood combines with aluminum to create a refined and innovative seat while remaining true to tradition.

The quality of hand-drawing, drafting a design by hand, is particularly evident in the Sweep prototype and in the Esse sitting ensemble, designed for Pianca and showcased at the 2015 Salone del Mobile. In both cases the lines are unique and each of the functional elements is contained in a single shape which defines the object itself.

The objective is to create an aesthetic and technical surprise that allows the objects to effortlessly exist in the surrounding landscape.

The idea driving the creative process is that shape derives from materials; the matching of various materials gives life to an infinite range of shapes.

Philippe's work has appeared in the New York Times (see the 2nd photo) and is on sale at the MoMa Museum Of Modern Art shop in New York. Clients include Lexon, Miniforms, Incipit, Pianca, Infiniti and Plust.

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Philippe Tabet