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Speaker for November 2018 Lunch

Steve Chasson

Steve ChassonSteve Chasson is a volunteer launching the Italian branch of the non-profit organization Refood. Refood is an independent, community driven, 100% volunteer, eco-humanitarian non profit working to eliminate food waste and hunger on a neighborhood basis. Founded by Hunter Halder, Refood has been recognized throughout Europe for diverting 864 tons of surplus food to feed 1.7 million meals to the hungry while increasing the sense of community for 7,500 volunteers in Portugal and feeding 7,500 people in need in 2017 alone.

This past May Le Iene aired a segment on Refood which generated widespread interest, leading to the decision to bring the non-profit to Italy. Steve previously volunteered with Refood in Portugal, and helped develop the processes and procedures which will facilitate the launch of the program here.

Steve has 25 years experience in business administration, including 11 years with non-profits, and more than 10 years on non-profit boards, often in a leadership capacity. He also started three businesses dealing with transportation, child safety and education and workplace safety.

Steve will discuss how to reduce waste by "rescuing" food that would otherwise be thrown away, providing food to people who might otherwise be without, and creating a sense of community for all involved. You'll also discover volunteer opportunities which may be of interest to you and/or someone you know and the importance of corporate social responsibility.

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